Kebab is a general term for small chunks of meat (most commonly lamb or beef, though any meat will do, as will fish, vegetables or fruit) threaded on skewers and barbecued, broiled or grilled. But JIN is a original turkish döner kebab, made from shavings of lamb that roasts on an upright rotating spit. Jin is also a supernatural creature made of a smokeless and scorching fire… so, be careful. We created the JIN brand and designed a complete corporate identity.


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Oris group / 2007











Jinns were created from smokeless flame, unlike angels, who were created from light, and human beings, who were created from clay. They are immortals, and cannot die in the normal way through disease or accident. Jinn could be found in every kind of nonliving thing, even air and fire. In Islam mythology, the Jinn were said to be controllable by magically binding them to objects, as Solomon most famously did; the Spirit of the Lamp in the story of Aladdin was such a Jinni, bound to an oil lamp. Because Jinns are immortals, they have a rather different approach to life than humans do, and you have to be careful with them, especially the evil ones. But don't worry... our JIN is very good.


JINs are spirits who occasionally try to possess living men. Just taste JIN kebab!


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