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Centre of creativity, design and business.

Concordia Design is the first in Poland creative design center that directs its activities to business, children and anyone looking for opportunities to spend an interesting time. It is a platform for cooperation of wide range of creative communities - as many as 30 young companies from varius industries have their offices here - ranging from graphics, research, innovative products for companies, as well as consulting in the area of strategy, corporate fashion and computing. The Concordia Design team specializes, among other things, in conducting educational activities in the areas of: innovation & creativity, design management, modern marketing methods, personal development, and HR. Also a modern printing house, a restaurant and conference rooms are located in this beautifully restored, nineteenth century building. We had the pleasure to design a complete visual identification and way finding system for Concordia Design.

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name / logo / corporate identity / way finding system

Client / Date

Concordia Design / 2011


Project were created in cooperation with Brandburg studio. (NO4 + Brandburg = Lentoid) .




photo © concordia design

Concordia building. More than 100 years of tradition.









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